Executive Search

We identify the best professionals to meet our clients’ strategy. With the profile details in our hands, we use market mapping as the primary search tool to ensure access to talent. Our projects are led by the Partners, assisted by a highly engaged research team. Our methodology includes contacting potential candidates previously identified in our research, conducting detailed competence-based interviews and touch-basing with customers and executives to keep them updated throughout the process. Additionally, we support the hiring decision by providing strategic information about the search and the market, and we monitor the executive hired in the first months of work to support them in joining the new corporate environment.


We identify and map organizational structures and professionals from specific areas and companies, as pre-defined by the customer. This step provides understanding of a particular industry or functional area. It provides a current and accurate view of the mapped area or company, which provides subsidy for strategic decisions. We present a qualitative analysis and a detailed report with organization charts and information on the executives approached (position, compensation, languages, academic and professional background).


We use an objective methodology for evaluating internal talent, thus assisting our clients in handling organization chart restructuring. We rely on a thorough analysis of skills, defined together with the client, and supported by assessment tools and behavioral tests.

Proactive Recruitment

It consists of the continuous search for one or more professional profiles, as requested by the client, aiming to periodically present the best talent in the market who can be hired at any time. We constantly identify new candidates for replacement of hired professionals or those who resigned. We provide reports on the mapped market, whenever necessary.